The SEPAT evaporative air cooler is a modern and high technological products and it has been studied        

for many years. Using high efficiency process is: while water is going through CELDEK wet curtain, the      

circulating water comes in contact with the fresh air, heat exchanges and filtrates the dust in the air        

(dust filtration rate can be up to 80%) to make the air   approximates to go along with the isenthalpic      

line change, the air will be cooled down. In the summer, dry air and the vapor temperature difference      

is very big, so cooling efficiency is very high. Outside the fresh air is filtrated by the SEPAT air cooler and   

cooling then continues throughout the room. It transfers any odors from inside to outside, microscopic     

dust and hot air. It makes the inside temperature cooler, and maintains a stable oxygen air quality level.    

The SEPAT evaporative air cooler can achieve cooling and exchange a double effect to make the air fresh,

for a comfortable living/working environment.                                                                                  

SEPAT company serves customers, with a high starting, high efficiency approach and have received        

 ISO9001:2008 and CE before other companies in this field. Now our company already has established sales

and service stations in more than 60 cities in China, we also have a good reputation in the globally. SEPAT

company relies on great management, strong ability and perfect service to build a long term relationship.  

SEPAT company builds it's reputation with professional, honest, responsible and a hard -working attitude.

Insisting on "good quality&good service" build our own Chinese Air Cooling brands!